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“Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.”

– Jonah Sachs


The Marketing Multiverse

Not a marketer by knowledge but willingness? Don’t worry, TMM is here to mutate your dreams into reality.

Need an introduction? Okay, we are all prepared for it. For starters, The Marketing Multiverse is a platform that is designed for passionate individuals with a knack to learn, grow and apply in the the field of marketing.

Our motto is to navigate smart learners like you to a path of deep marketing knowledge and serve you with an analysis of current trends and actionable tips for forming innovative strategies that mount the average.

Don’t be a Jerry. We’ll help you become a Rick in our multiverse. Yes, we are Rick & Morty nerds, apart from being Marketing enthusiasts. Let’s come forward and build a community of people that dwell in the world of marketing.

Let’s engage, educate and market! 

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