The Power of Storytelling in Marketing

About the Event

Did you know a brand lost 20% of its consumers by making this MAJOR MISTAKE!?

A weak storyline led to no connection with the consumers.

Lack of storyline in brand communication hinders the establishment of a personal connection between the brand and the consumers.

About 92% of consumers feel more connected to brands because of their compelling stories. Now, that’s a huge community!

Stories are how we remember incidents, memories, and BRANDS. Our brains are wired to remember stories. Similarly, Brand storytelling is the inseparable narrative that weaves together facts and emotions to create a memory, just like fries and ketchup get together to create happiness.

Everything from Nike’s campaigns to Apple’s launch to Fevicol Ads have stories embedded in them. If you are looking to become a better Marketer or sell to a large audience without switching off their phones or slamming doors in your face, you need to become a storyteller.

Do you dream of becoming an extraordinary marketer and skilling yourself with the art of storytelling? Well, if you have the willingness and mad passion, you’re at the right place.

The Marketing Multiverse is coming up with an engaging online workshop on ‘The Power of Storytelling in Marketing.’

Here’s what you’re going to master:

  • Why do stories remain the top 1 sales technique even after hundreds of decades?

  • How to craft a story that makes everyone run to you?

  • Tips on how you can become a great storyteller.

  • How can storytelling help you rule the world of content marketing?

  • How to add emotional dynamics to your story?

  • How to find a key message to be delivered through your story?

Join us in an informative and fun workshop by Sharon Lobo, who believes that great stories happen to those who can tell them!

Date & Time: 20th March 2021| 6 PM- 7:30 PM

Speaker Profile:

Sharon Lobo has worked with 50+ brands to help them grow from scratch to large organizations by enabling proper communication. A Writer and Marketer with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from St Xavier’s College, she started her marketing agency, Quirky Writers Media, at the age of 21 and currently QWM has worked with multiple brands, covered 20+ live events, and helped countless entrepreneurs to showcase the work they are proud of.

Sharon has interviewed 120 women entrepreneurs and chronicled their stories in magazines. Her work has been featured in Hindustan Times, Terribly Tiny Tales - The Book, Tweak India, and many more. She also won the India Film Project season IX - Asia's Largest Content Fest. She has written scripts for YouTube Videos, Ads, and Film shows.

To sum it up in a line, 'A work enthusiast who believes in learning new things every day.'